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Nr. 58, December 1996 • Herman Asselberghs • Theatrical Correctness
last act, you have betrayed my bosom interested, even though I warned you not to say anything at all...Just Another Black History They're trying to say that I don't care But I woke up screamin' fuck tha world (2Pac) September, 1996...same doomed mentality in another track - and you never doubted that he felt and meant every word he declaimed

Nr. 60, Juni 1997 • Jef Aerts • Het contaminerende spreken
zoals Spivak het in een interview uit 1993 verwoordt: 'Even when the subaltern makes an effort to the death to speak, she is not able to be heard, and speaklng and hearing complete the speech act...kind of interculturalism a sophisticated disguise for another installment of Orientalism, or worse, of cultural rape

Nr. 77, Juni 2001 • Pieter T'Jonck, Marleen Baeten • KUNST MET GATEN
Another & Another & Another Act of Seeing (Urban Space), een trilogie waarvan ik het derde deel in 1997 presenteerde in deSingel, ging over de waarneming van de stedelijke ruimte

Nr. 87, Juni 2003 • Elke Van Campenhout • Het kei zal zich wel weer teren:...
Traditioneel wordt de live performance beschouwd als een onherhaalbare act, die in zijn elektronische reproductie niet meer dan een schijn van het oorspronkelijke gebeuren zichtbaar maakt...Both live performance and the performance of mediatization are predicated on disappearance: the televisual image is produced by an ongoing process in which scan lines replace one another and is always

Nr. 87, Juni 2003 • Maaike Bleeker • Ik zie ik zie wat jij (niet)...
funny thing is they're really quite normal It is just that they seem of another order...Ze nemen een zekere afstand van het leven van alledag en het is die afstand die hen maakt tot wezens 'of another order', wezens die wij gewone stervelingen slechts vanop een afstand kunnen bewonderen...Met deze serie lezingen legde Austin de basis voor de latere speech-act theory

Nr. 94, December 2004 • Patricia Portela • Flatland
Every time I was going to work I was going to the third dimension, pulled by the act of observation from the other side...My wife thought it was just another of my weird hobbies and my son kept telling me it was a landscape letter, not meant to be de-codified...say curiosity killed the cat, but what I discovered almost killed On another day, it was a Sunday, I was a bit bored, sliding at random, and I ended up in a police report...I discovered

Nr. 95, Februari 2005 • Elke Van Campenhout, Bojana Cvejić • The Mapping
Avoidance of explicit political contents can be a political act in itself...audience as participatory approach - irresistible seduction: coherent / sharp quality and economy of text, image, sound and situation - act of thinking as act of translation: format independence...wouldn't necessarily call it political on first hand but courageous, consequent, an act of responsibility, whenever artists request and reinvent their own medium and try to expand its traditional limits

Nr. 101, April 2006 • An van Dienderen • Afkicken van representatie
PRETENTIE NUMMER 2 'There is ethnographic ventriloquism: the claim to speak not just about another form of life but to speak from within it; to represent a depiction of how things look...indispensable to make decisions but also to act on them, immediately (not so in China or Iraq). The immediate consequence of most decisions in this culture is some kind of conflict (untrue in other cultures...any attempt to portray it as anything more than the representation of one sort of life in the categories of another impossible to defend