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Nr. 29, Maart 1990 • Johan Callens • Samuel Beckett, 1906-89
Birth was the death of him

Nr. 100, Februari 2006 • Jacob Wren • Families are formed through copulation / Families...
they say is actually true, your soul signed a contract when you gave birth and that contract says you must take responsibility, not only responsibility for all the things you have done but also

Nr. 100, Februari 2006 • Jason Farman • De virtuele Artaud: het computervirus als performance... biennale_py/story.html 8 Michel Foucault, Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison (New York: Vintage Books, 1995) 9 Andrew Ross, ‘Hacking Away

Nr. 113, September 2008 • (Advertentie) • (Advertentie)
Voetvolk – Birth of Prey Wo.10december2008om20.30u

Nr. 114, December 2008 • (Advertentie) • (Advertentie)
CultuurcentrumGenk Voetvolk – Birth of Prey wo.10december2008om20.30u