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Nr. 7, Juli 1984 • Marianne Van Kerkhoven • Lea Daan, de éminence grise van de...
Praag en Londen; werkte in Stuttgart als choreograaf bij de No-verre Society; is sinds 1975 directeur en voornaamste choreograaf van het Nederlands Danstheater

Nr. 50, Juni 1995 • Lukas Vandenabeele • Etienne Decroux
Decroux is het No van het avondland, hij hanteerde zelf de term doctrine, sprak over LA beauté...Geen pers, geen society

Nr. 80, Februari 2002 • Meereizen met de windstilte: NO WIND. NO...
NO WORD, CHOREOGRAFEN-PORTRETTEN VAN HELMUT PLOEBST Meereizen met de windstilte No wind, no word: elke dag kent een moment waarop de nacht zal overgaan in de...Hij doet echter meer dan een trend naar een universele performativiteit opmerken, en ik citeer een in mijn ogen belangwekkende passage: 'In all these cases, what is attempted is no playful...Neue Choreographie in der Gesellscluift des Spektakels/ New Choreography in the Society of the Spectacle, Miinchen, K Kieser Verlag, 2001

Nr. 94, December 2004 • Elke Van Campenhout • Salzburg lied to us
No more than a point of reference for a memory that passes by. You could see the action as a catalyst for thoughts, without reading this necessarily as a political statement...make speeches for children, hold hands even if they're sweaty, art is freedom, erase the tape, document the absence, there is no republic, there is always the republic, spin faster, exaggerate...One of our agents sneaked in discretely and found out there were no fans of Greece in the group sitting in there

Nr. 95, Februari 2005 • 
has to reflect contemporariness, so that I can somehow recognize how it relates to topical issues of the present-day, bearing connections with the diverse aspects of society, everyday politics...current art world developments, like a political/cultural feuilleton in the newspaper, 'awareness of the moment'. It is true that there's no precise label/word/term for the so-called 'innovative

Nr. 95, Februari 2005 • Elke Van Campenhout, Bojana Cvejić • The Mapping
Annemie Vanackere, artistieke leiding Rotterdamse Schouwburg en Productiehuis Rotterdam) 'First it is important for me to have no con-straints in the choice of medium but to ensure...My main focus is the relevance of a work - how it is relevant for our time, for the development of the dance/performance discipline or for society ... From this perspective it is possible...No wonder that less choreographers focus on the invention of body language - apart from being an aesthetic choice, this is a conseguence of working conditions