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Nr. 54, Februari 1996 • Loek Zonneveld • In memoriam Michael Carlton Matthews 1958-1996
Looking but not seeing...What I am is ... to be continued

Nr. 74, December 2000 • Pieter T'Jonck • De kijker, de acteur, het stuk, de...
matter of saying analytically what are the requirements, how best they can be organized - this will usually bring into existence a tame, conventional, often cold hall...wilderness that its philosophy won't bear looking into...Hamilton uit 1956 voor de tentoonstelling This is tomorrow, met als titel What is it that makes todays homes so different, so appealing... De bodybuilder en de wulpse dame met lampenkap op het hoofd in een

Nr. 93, Januari 2004 • Jeroen Peeters • Schimmenspel als herinneringsarbeid: Het documentaire theater van...
Paul AusUts Portrait of an Invisible Man In Looking for a Missing Employee onderzoekt de theatermaker Rabili Mroué hoe de geschreven pers in Libanon de publieke sfeer mee vorm...Opvallend is de ruimtelijke organisatie van Looking for a Missing Employee, waar op scène slechts een tafel en een lege stoel staan, waarboven drie projectieschermen hangen...clear that they do not present a chronicle to posterity of the events and deeds of the war, a record of 'what happened'. Instead they offer an image oj what can be imagined, what can be said, what

Nr. 93, Januari 2004 • Myriam Van Imschoot • He says space, she thinks time

Nr. 94, December 2004 • Patricia Portela • Flatland
audience full of James Bonds leaving their fingerprints on their martinis while looking at me... And the reason why I was feeling strangely alive in your world was because I was being seen...decided to be very practical and dedicate my research to finding out more about the mysterious fingerprint beings and find what qualities they have that I don't have. I started comparing...say curiosity killed the cat, but what I discovered almost killed On another day, it was a Sunday, I was a bit bored, sliding at random, and I ended up in a police report...I discovered

Nr. 94, December 2004 • Pieter T'Jonck • Theater als showbusiness: De ondraaglijke lichtheid van...
verlangens -eeuwig jong, good-looking en sexy...What's going on? I try all the time in this institution...Just go for it!' 'But what was it again

Nr. 95, Februari 2005 • Elke Van Campenhout, Bojana Cvejić • The Mapping
first demand from the public and politicians comes with the guestion: what are your large-scale productions this year...return the question instead of giving them an answer: and what working conditions have you provided for supporting large-scale work...So, what is left for art to do

Nr. 100, Februari 2006 • Erwin Jans • Who’s afraid of representation?
Mroué laat de moordenaar verschillende motivaties voor zijn daad naar voren schuiven: financieel (‘My motives were financial, no more, no less: high cost of living, debts... what was I supposed to do...Looking for a missing employee verdwijnt de waarheid naarmate er meer informatie en meer mediatisering is rond het verhaal van een ambtenaar die met een grote som geld verdween

Nr. 103, September 2006 • Stef Lernous • Raffael Pascoe: auteurschap in de pornocinematografie
quake and cause women to ovulate Pray tell us then, I hear you ask, what are these findings to relate to these are things I quite enjoy to play with and to masturbate...Vett Lexter: ‘After that...I never expected... I think nobody...expected Raffi’s work to become so dark... so profoundly terrifying even... certainly darker than what anyone could have expected...Raffael Pascoe: ‘Diva knew what she was doing...and what she did was art

Nr. 103, September 2006 • Shelly Silver • Shelly Silver
Excerpts from ‘What I’m Looking For’ This is the first photo I take – or maybe it’s this one...what I’m looking for –––––– He writes from London: I saw your profile and found it very inspiring...What I’m looking for.... I want to see every detail, every hair, every line

Nr. 103, September 2006 • (Cover) • (Inhoud)
40 Shelly Silver - Een visuele bijdrage van deze New Yorkse kunstenares, met fragmenten uit haar film What I'm Looking For. 46 Van Altamira tot Heather Brooke - Liv Laveyne struint onvervaard

Nr. 110, Februari 2008 • Pieter De Buysser, Christophe Van Gerrewey, Bram... • Minnelijke voorwerpen
because I had been focusing on this idea of love, and what if this guy here loved me, or what if I loved this guy, who I didn’t really know, but not taking it too seriously, mostly it was just this working...moment of looking, and just sensing this possibility, a little bit wondering what could happen or if there would be some progress in any direction.. some body would do something, people in the room he was blinking fast, and i was laughing sometimes and sometimes looking away and every once in a while he looked at my hands but there came this time when we just were looking at each