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Nr. 1, Januari 1983 • Eric De Kuyper • Eric De Kuyper
muddie into which it falls when too many bad plays and productions insist on defining the art itself

Nr. 5, Januari 1984 • Peter De Jonge, Pieter T'Jonck, Eric Vanhaeren • KLAPSTUK 83
think of it as classical, because of the structure of it and the way in which I moved

Nr. 11, Juni 1985 • Johan Callens • David Mamet, dichter bij Beckett dan bij...
do those things which seem correct to me concerns me, I do that which today I think will make me secure

Nr. 18, Juni 1987 • Frank Peeters • Theater maken in de tegenstroom
Gemeten aan menselijke moraliteit is Dionysos een ambigu personage: 'The poet [= Euripides] has neither belittled the joyful release of vitality which Dionysiac experience brings nor softened

Nr. 23, September 1988 • Hildegard De Vuyst, Johan Thielemans, Klaas Tindemans,... • KRONIEK
Inexorably, mechanically, the camera has lifted a single moment out of the context which alone determined its significance

Nr. 32, December 1990 • Dirk Verstockt, Alexander Baervoets, Sigrid Bousset, Johan... • K R O N I E K
more like a bank of fog in which she hides and loses herself

Nr. 32, December 1990 • Gerardjan Rijnders • Rijnders, Gerardjan
lateral leap of association it also brings to mind Mick Jaggers frantic 'I can't get no satisfaction' which was so popular in the 1970's before we realised that womens so called penis-envy was

Nr. 34, Juni 1991 • Gunther Sergooris, Maarten Van Steenbergen, Geert Sels,... • KRONIEK
Het lijkt moeilijk te rijmen dat Shakespeare ooit geschreven heeft ; "Love is not love/which alters when it alteration finds, /or bends with the remover to remove/oh no, it is an ever fixed mark

Nr. 36, December 1991 • Emil Hrvatin • Jan Fabres zoete verlokkingen
What we call imaginary time is in fact more fundamental, while what we call real time is only an idea which we use as a mean of help to describe our image of the universe" (Hawking). Imaginaire tijd

Nr. 44, Februari 1994 • Nancy Derboven • Een schermutseling tussen Markies de Sade en...
inderdaad in zijn notities bij Exiles schreef dat: "The doubt which clouds the end of the play must be conveyed to the audience not only through Richard's questions to both but also from the dialogue between

Nr. 46, Januari 1994 • Herman Asselberghs • Dar A Luz' Tight Right White
European culture (...); tight-jawed Black wisdom (...) - all of these tesserae compose this play in which the elements are set at slightly different angles, as they were in Byzantine mosaics, in order best

Nr. 47, December 1994 • Agna Smisdom • De Laatsten door Tg Stan
why not make some art in the service of ... an (uprising)? (...) We might now contemplate aesthetic actions which possess some of the resonance of terrorism (or 'cruelty', as Artaud put it) aimed...Gorki stelde ooit: 'I very early realized that a man is made by his resistance to the milieu which surrounds him

Nr. 49, April 1995 • Stef Ampe, Geert Opsomer • Over kannibalisme en verscheidenheid
World Border, a great trans- and intercontinental border zone in which no centres remain

Nr. 50, Juni 1995 • Marianne Van Kerkhoven, Agna Smisdom • In memoriam
thereby make poetry, since that's the only domain in which we're allowed to operate' - Jean Genet Op 10 mei 1995 stierf Reza Abdoh in New York aan de gevolgen van aids

Nr. 51, Augustus 1995 • Loek Zonneveld • Woede - verscheurdheid - troost
Waarmee we zijn aangeland in het moeras dat stijl heet, door de Britse acteur John Gielgud ooit omschreven als: 'Style is: knowing which play your'in.' Dat weet Gerardjan Rijnders als geen ander...dat alles 'stijl'? Het is in ieder geval 'knowing which play your' in.' Oogt de gehanteerde stijl als iets dat de acteur is opgedrongen

Nr. 60, Juni 1997 • Geert Opsomer • Geschiedenis en theater: de speler en de...
historical meditation and part theoretical speculation - a look back on ten years of the company's work and on ten years of change in the British urban culture from which it has sprung

Nr. 63, Maart 1998 • Günther Samson, Jan Van Looy • Shakespeares Globe
How different from the pompous intellectual snobbery which has made Shakespeare inaccessible for generations

Nr. 67, Maart 1999 • Jan Goossens • Nieuw leven voor eeuwenoude vormen
think that today the theatre must get away from creating another world, beyond the fourth wall into which the spectator can escape...Theatre's role is to give this microcosm a burning and fleeting taste of another world, in which our present world is integrated and transformed

Nr. 69, Januari 1999 • Erwin Jans • Desoriëntaties in een multiculturele wereld
which they gain inspiration, but attempt a hybridization with it which is situated at the precise inter- section of the two cultures and the two theatrical forms...which is therefore a seperate and complete creation

Henry Miller schrijft in Tropic of Cancer over bepaalde mensen in het theater: 'they were thankful for even the slightest accident which will prevent them from asking themselves what they were

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