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Nr. 58, December 1996 • Herman Asselberghs • Theatrical Correctness
reason we should never allow women to express any opinions on the subject, but just to sit, listen to us, and attempt to understand

Nr. 89, December 2003 • Loek Zonneveld • Het carnaval van Josef Stalin: Frank Castorf's...
Want hij is - please allow me to introducé myself- de sympathieke duivel in hoogsteigen persoon

Nr. 95, Februari 2005 • Elke Van Campenhout, Bojana Cvejić • The Mapping
spectator needs time and circumstances to allow him/herself to be confronted with the way (s)he's looking at the point of view there are works which when being shown and presented as political 'destroy' all my effort to build audience for the work that needs time and circumstances for the spectator to allow

Nr. 95, Februari 2005 • De redactie • Etcetera = ...: Intentieverklaring van de nieuwe...
assumptions that might allow something to appear as a convincing logic, to criticality which is operating from an uncertain ground of actual embeddedness...informed and therefore inhabit some notion of "critical distance". If we take seriously the potential of performative audiences to allow meaning to take place in the present we also allow that criticism does

Nr. 100, Februari 2006 • Elke Van Campenhout • Edito
Domination in politics has many of the same ingredients it has in the laboratory, that is, the inability to allow the people one deals with any chance to redefine the situation in their own terms

Nr. 105, Februari 2007 • Kristien Van den Brande • Ondergaan van ruimte
activities would be so disgusting, but because of the recognition that my selfsame moment of transgression is methodologically identical to theirs, that I impose the same rules on myself, or rather, allow them

Nr. 109, December 2007 • Jeroen Peeters • ‘Wij’ zeggen, een extreme oefening
Do we perform with flushed faces or do we allow facial expression