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Nr. 1, Januari 1983 • (advertentie)
Meir 75 ANTWERPEN speelt nog tot 12 maart KARIN KARIN (playing Karin) van Arieh Chen) regie: Martin Van Zundert elke donderdag, vrijdag, zaterdag

Nr. 59, Maart 1997 • Myriam Van Imschoot • Forsythe met friet
trained to dance and perform for the idea of beautiful things, but we are not people who are playing some part of life

Nr. 63, Maart 1998 • Pascal Gielen • Corps incorporated
Arthur C. Danto (1996) Playing with the edge

Nr. 81, Februari 2002 • Anthony Coleman • Reflections in J
But by the tliii d round of fests, it got so being 'really' Jewish meant playing Klezmer scales and being mad at Germans

Nr. 88, September 2003 • Annie Declerck • In memoriam Joseph Chaikin (1935-2003)
Chaikin bijna organisch verbonden: 'In playing "Endgame" one comes to know Beckett in a way that is a special way of knowing somebody

Nr. 94, December 2004 • (advertentie)
turntab«rU playing togathar 1 saxophone 1 voice 1 sound engineer 3 VJ's - Zumo Del Scumos [gent] vraftek d un |c praductnm theater, dans, etcetera •••2005 under

Nr. 95, Februari 2005 • Elke Van Campenhout • De critica als cloaca
But the alternative, if you prefer, is just to go on playing someone else's game - always in the air, between vocation and vacation, eyes on the latest information, fingers on the controls

Nr. 99, December 2005 • Fin Novembre • Journal: A l'œil nu #4 Leuven
kind of always have the impression of playing in my own movie

Nr. 100, Februari 2006 • Jacob Wren • Families are formed through copulation / Families...
Part Two Family Therapy FATHER The therapist called it role-playing and reluctantly we agreed, stood facing one another, husband and wife

Nr. 103, September 2006 • Shelly Silver • Shelly Silver
She writes: I want to meet you. I want you to photograph me naked, playing pool...Like a boy playing with a small headstrong dog

Nr. 110, Februari 2008 • Pieter De Buysser, Christophe Van Gerrewey, Bram... • Minnelijke voorwerpen
might have been going through, so just to let him know that i was ok with everything i put my hand on his shoulder and we breathed together x there was music playing and so i felt like dancing