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Rosas In The Nineties: The Gesamtwerk as... • 1 november 1997
Spirals… On this point one can also imagine the true import of the image of the spiral: In contrast to the expansive force flying out from the middle point seen in Rosas' first pieces...They take us through the story of enchantment that runs through the various pieces, as if it were a danced opera...true that this builds on the sometimes rebellious, sometimes over-melancholic passions of the works of the eighties, but the original rawness has made way for a much more complex and richer structure

Dans ontmoet performance in 'Performatik 2' • 10 januari 2007
zijn Start, Based on a True Story reflecteert hij over de manier waarop hij zijn lichaam kan inzetten in zijn werk en wat dat vertelt over zijn (Oost-Europese) identiteit