Portraits of dramatists and critics

Corpus Toneelkritiek Interbellum (Flemish Theatre Reviews 1919-1939) is a research instrument that was set up for the "Mass Theatre in Flanders" research project, funded by FWO (Fonds voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek • Research Foundation–Flanders). The project is hosted at Universiteit Antwerpen.

Project Coordinator: Thomas Crombez

All documents in Corpus Toneelkritiek Interbellum were coded according to the TEI P5 Guidelines (actually, TEILite). This cumbersome but ultimately rewarding process would have been impossible without the invaluable help of Ron Van den Branden and Edward Vanhoutte of CTB, the Centre for Scholarly Editing and Document Studies (Centrum voor Teksteditie en Bronnenstudie, the research centre of the Royal Academy of Dutch Language and Literature).

The TEI XML source files were parsed and converted into web pages using Python and lxml. Many thanks

Thanks to Dieter Vandenbroucke and Matthijs De Ridder of the Louis Paul Boon-documentatiecentrum, for their incisive comments and magnanimous help with digitizing the reviews and essays by Victor J. Brunclair.

Thanks, last but certainly not least, to the students of Universiteit Antwerpen (Theatre and Film Studies) who tirelessly scanned, corrected, and tagged the corpus documents: Nele Van de Velde, Anika Hendrickx, Karolien Brabants, Sven Molenaar, Annelies Jacops, and Sarah Bekaert.