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Meg Stuart op grens van toonbaar en... • 19 oktober 1995
De cynische ondertitel van dit stuk, A love story for six dancers staat haaks op de wrede blik van de koreografe, die de dansers onbarmhartig toont als stuiptrekkende stumpers

Rosas In The Nineties: The Gesamtwerk as... • 1 november 1997
While the film is running, Samantha van Wissen and Cynthia Loemij, two leading dancers in the recent work, appear in the role of doppelgängers on stage...Since, when reviving old pieces for the repertory, new dancers replace the original ones, she can again and again investigate and reinterpret the traces that led to the genesis of that work...De Keersmaeker has thrown herself into this enterprise with enthusiasm, and her participation in conversations and work sessions with young dancers and teachers is extremely intensive

Perspectives after P.A.R.T.S. the first generation • 1 januari 1999
But what does the future hold for newly trained dancers or choreographers in Europe...Last summer, during a workshop led by Rui Horta in Switzerland, he also created a work for three dancers, Preparing K. His contact there with Anna Müller could lead to an exhibition in 1999, and he...work in turn was done in preparation for a larger project scheduled for this spring, for five dancers (among them Erna Omarsdottir and Sylvia Ubieta of P.A.R.T.S

Rosas celebrates its twentieth anniversary • 1 januari 2001
structure is still tight and, oddly enough, appears to be a way to show the dancers' individuality...unusual collage format of the production and the almost brutal negation of theatrical conventions (the dancers do not 'dance', the passages are 'badly' rendered and 'nothing' happens for minutes...She now enriches the language of movement, which was initially just right for her, with material from the dancers

Bartok als 'Funky Chinese Opera' • 5 december 2001
Voor deze voorstelling werkt one of downtowns most interesting dancers (dixit de vooraanstaande New Yorkse critica Deborah Jowitt) weer samen met danseres Erin Cornell en muzikante Zeena Parkins

Seething cauldron -- dance in Brussels • 1 januari 2002
1990s saw the beginning of a large-scale migration of young dancers to companies in Brussels and elsewhere in Belgium...No other European city has so many ambitious dancers and choreographers...These evening-length performances, where dancers and artists of every description meet and perform spontaneously, were conceived in 1995 during the Klapstuk Festival

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker • 1 januari 2002
dancers of the Rosas ensemble are very much living beings who can often be seen watching their colleagues on stage from the wings

Choreograferen in vrije val: DANS - Amgod,... • 16 april 2003
Dancers'. Stuk voor stuk draaiden de leden van de groep jarenlang mee in grote Brusselse gezelschappen

De rebus van Robert Wilson: GERECENSEERD DANS • 18 november 2004
De rebus van Robert Wilson GERECENSEERD DANS 2 LipS and dancers and space Dinsdag 9 novemberGrand Théâtre in Luxemburg (tijd) - De Amerikaanse theatermaker Robert Wilson is dezer...Na de première in Luxemburg doet hij nu Bozar in Brussel aan met zijn nieuwe choreografie '2 LipS and dancers and space', gecreëerd voor het Nederlands Danstheater III

Merce Cunningham tekent voor pragmatische dansrevolutie: ANALYSE... • 19 januari 2005
Als er maar magie is. Veel van Cunninghams radicale vernieuwingen kwamen dan ook, volgens David Vaughan in zijn boek 'Cage, Cunningham, Johns - dancers on a plane', op een pragmatische manier tot